Friday, December 23, 2005

Rambus Song of the Day (Explained)

FinzToRite, a long-standing member of the Pinehurst Thread, maintained by Joe "The Wiz" McE, started the tradition of the "Rambus Song Of The Day" a few years ago. It's been featured on TREOWTH for some time now.

It's all based on the song title. In some way, the song title, and title only, has to hint at the "Rambus Saga". Rules are the Song of the Day must come up, in random play, on FinzToRite's iPod or iTunes collection (currently at more than 12,000 songs with a primary emphasis on the blues and classic rock) on the day it is declared "Song Of The Day".

Today, for example, after learning it will not be a "Whyte Christmas", it seems appropriate to acknowledge the Bus may still be "Miles Away".

Today's Song of the Day is Fleetwood Mac's "Miles Away" off the Mystery To Me album from 1973.

Fleetwood Mac -- Mystery To Me

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