Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Rambus milestones

July 2005
Rambus introduces next-generation XDR™2 DRAM offering unprecedented graphics performance

May 2005
Rambus reaches 400th issued patent milestone

May 2005
Rambus XDR™ and FlexIO™ revealed as key interface technologies in Sony Computer Entertainment’s PlayStation®3

May 2005
Dr. Mark Horowitz named as Rambus Chief Scientist

April 2005
Rambus acquires digital core IP from GDA Technologies

April 2005
Rambus unveils micro-threading technology for DRAM cores

March 2005
Industry ships 500 millionth RDRAM® memory device

March 2005
Rambus opens design center in Bangalore, India

February 2005
Cell Processor from Sony, Toshiba, and IBM uses Rambus high speed interface solutions

January 2005
Rambus announces Harold Hughes as new CEO; Geoff Tate becomes Chairman of the Board

What milestones will 2006 bring?

Rambus lists milestones commencing 1990 when Rambus was incorporated. Read the milestones at Rambus.com linked here.

Hat tip to Rambus.

Hat tip Srikar at Snap Shots for the photograph. View more photographers at his blog linked here.

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