Thursday, December 29, 2005

Rambus Convertible

A Prospectus Supplement (PS) was filed by Rambus today (12/29/05) regarding the Zero Coupon Convertible Senior Notes due February 1, 2010.

Read the PS at Rambus, Inc. linked here.

The PS amends the Selling Securityholders listed on page 50 of the Prospectus. The largest beneficial owners are:

Credit Suisse First Boston Europe Ltd. $45,000,000
Citibank Global Markets Inc. $26,748,000
Convertible Crossover Segregated Portfolio $26,748,000

A family of Argent Arbitrage Funds owns $14,425,000

$26,748,000 represents 996,590 shares of common stock (or 1% of the outstanding common stock) at a conversion rate of 37.2585 for each $1,000 of principal. The conversion rate is subject to adjustment.

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