Thursday, November 17, 2005

You Be The Judge - Update III

The Honorable Robert E. Payne is leading the bench in number of recent evaluations with 54. His cumulative GPA is 0.38 or "F".

Judge - Grade - # of Evaluations

Robert E. Payne - F (0.38) 54

David Medina - A (4.00) 5

Ronald M. Whyte - A- (3.66) 5

You may visit the Courthouse Forum - You Be The Judge linked here.


Anonymous said...

I think Whyte's grade is so low (A-) only because one Rambus supporter looks to have accidentally turned in his "Judge Payne" evaluation into the Judge Whyte database.

Read the comments for Judge Whyte and you can see the reviewer's comments about Payne in Whyte's list of comments.

too bad.

Anonymous said...

I think you are correct.

Hopefully, somebody will notice that the comment is inappropriately located and remove it from Judge Whyte's area.

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