Thursday, November 24, 2005

Xbox 360 - red ink (Updated)

iSupply has dissected Xbox 360, component by component. The estimated total of Bill-of-Materials (BOM) reaches $525 for the Xbox 360 Premium. BOM does not include the cost of assembly, packaging, distribution, marketing and the retailers' cut. The Xbox 360 Premium has a suggested retail price of $399.

The most expensive single component in the Xbox 360 is the GPU designed by ATI Technologies. Its High-Definition graphics costs an estimated $141, including embedded DRAM from NEC.

The IBM designed and co-manufactured Xbox microprocessor, a triple-core PowerPC that runs at a frequency of 3.2GHz, costs an estimated $106, according to preliminary findings from the iSuppli Teardown Analysis Service.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., provides the main memory, 512Mbytes of GDDR DRAM for an estimated $65.

The total motherboard cost is estimated at $370.00.

Read about the Xbox 360 teardown and services available from iSupply here.


Read an article in The Register regarding the iSupply research here.

Hat to Joe for The Register link.

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