Monday, November 21, 2005

Microlinc, LLC, the mouse that roars?

Microlinc, LLC, from Texas has reportedly filed suit against the likes of ACER, AMD, ATI, Dell, Gateway, HP, Intel, Nvidia, Sony and Toshiba for infringing on its patent 6,009,488.

Read an article in the Inquirer linked here.

Patent 6,009,488, ('488) captioned Computer having packet-based interconnect channel is linked here.

'488 references ten US Patents. Of those ten, five are patents held by Rambus, namely:

5,390,308 - Method and apparatus for address mapping of dynamic random access memory - issued 2/14/95.

5,499,385 - Method for accessing and transmitting data to/from a memory in packets - issued 3/12/96.

5,606,717 - Memory circuitry having bus interface for receiving information in packets and access time registers - issued 2/25/97.

5,809,263 - Integrated circuit I/O using a high performance bus interface - 3/15/98.

5,872,996 - Method and apparatus for transmitting memory requests by transmitting portions of count data in adjacent words of a packet -2/16/99.

The inquirer reports:

Microlinc claims that Intel infringes its patents in a number of chipsets and promulgates that by promoting PCI Express - which encourages the creation of systems that breach its patent.

Ramboids pause as they contemplate thpossibilityty of a PCI Express litigation fest on the horizon.

Hat tip to Joe of the Pinehurst Thread for the link.

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